Example 2

For our second example, we assume that the retailer has multiple systems that contain customer information.  The store systems have a customer database, but each store has its own set of customers, they are not integrated chain-wide.  The E-Commerce site also has a customer database, which is separate from all of the store systems.  Our standard components would allow the retailer to replace this situation with a single, common customer database, with the store systems and the E-Commerce site using components to execute queries against that database, and providing new or modified customer information to update that database. The following diagram illustrates a possible deployment.

Thus, the customer database becomes a single, integrated source of customer information throughout the corporate intranet. Although the customer database is shown here as located on a separate system, the exact location is not important. The key idea is simply that the components are deployed to utilize a single, centralized database for all customer maintenance and queries.

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