1. If we have already defined our project scope and collected requirements, can we jump straight to the DESIGN phase in our engagement?

    Answer: We’ll start the DISCOVERY phase with what you’ve already done, and use whatever we can in our deliverables. If it looks like you’ve done a good job this will be reflected in our bid.

2. We are in the middle of the BUILD phase for a project, but it is not going very well. How can you help us?

    Answer: We’ll still want to start in DISCOVERY.  Often we find that there were problems with the front end work that are now causing you problems in the BUILD phase. Poorly defined scope, incomplete requirements, etc. are a frequent cause of trouble later on, and must be eliminated before you’ll have any success with the BUILD.

3. Can we use your services for the front end only, and then execute the BUILD phase ourselves?

    Answer: Certainly.  We consider our greatest impact on the project to come in the DISCOVERY and DESIGN phases. If you have the resources to execute the BUILD phase yourselves, that is not a problem for us.

4. We already have a system design.  Can you help us build and test it?

    Answer: We’ll still want to start in DISCOVERY.  If you’ve done a great job, both DISCOVERY and DESIGN will go quickly, and we’ll reaffirm your design before the BUILD starts. If you haven’t done such a great job, it’s important to catch the problems before starting in on the BUILD phase.

5. We don’t have time for all that front end stuff, even though we know we should do it. We just need to get going quickly because we have an impossible schedule. Can you come in and get us through the BUILD phase in a hurry?

    Answer: It doesn’t sound like a good fit, but maybe we’ll be able to help you later.  See our answer to number 2 above.


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