We have developed several standard software components that provide a communications infrastructure useful in many of our engagements.  Our standard components implement an infrastructure for connecting clients and servers throughout your corporate intranet.  To supplement the standard components, we develop custom components that implement services specific to your business and connect your applications and databases.

We’ll use a typical retailer to give you some examples of what can be done.  The following diagram represents the retailer’s computer and communications infrastructure.

Use the buttons at the left or the links below to see the examples.

The first example involves making inventory availability information accessible throughout the corporate intranet.  [Example 1]

The second example involves creating a centralized customer database to replace a patchwork of disparate databases in the corporate intranet.  [Example 2]

The third example involves sharing information with a vendor, extending access to that information to the corporate “extranet”.   [Example 3]

The key thing to note about all of these examples is that the blend of our standard components and any custom components we develop specifically for you allows the free movement of data throughout your corporate infrastructure, in real-time, in almost any way you can imagine. We would of course be happy to discuss with you the particular problems you’re interested in solving, and how we could configure the components to deploy the solution.

Both our standard components and any custom components we develop specifically for you are based on two standard mechanisms that ensure their portability - Java and XML. All of our code is in Java, allowing it to run on any system supporting a Java run-time environment.  All of our data communications uses XML encoding, ensuring that the data is portable, also.  This combination of technologies provides a flexible, portable, and reliable approach to integrating your systems and applications.

If our engagement with you would benefit from the use of our standard components, they will be included in the high level design and system architecture, and we will provide you with a price to license the components as needed.


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